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Trâité de Décomposition by Sanda Manuila

Judging Spirit of Resilience for Manhattan Arts

What an honor to be invited to judge the Spirit of Resilience for Manhattan Arts International by Renee Phillips.  The first choice for my Special Recognition Award in painting is Sanda Manuila's “Trâité de Décomposition”.


Her beautiful oil on Canvass (30"x24") (has that special hook that draws the observer in, begging deeper exploration of the painting.  The artist uses space and dimension, with the array of beautiful Monarchs framing the path of your gaze and leading you into the mechanical decay of the underlying world. This contrecoup juxtaposition shows the vulnerability of life, represented by vibrant, curvaceous wings against the background of a static, elemental, linear world.  Sandra uses line and form powerfully to emphasize this contrast, while using color to show the inevitable “oneness”.  She reflects the fiery earth tones of the wings into the background of rust and patina blue. The irony of this lifeless structure supporting cocoons, is my final lesson in this piece.

My criterion for judging was as follows:  "In the artist’s subject matter I will be looking for beauty, strength, empathy and that ‘hook’ that stops an observer from walking past. The artist’s use of space should draw the observer in, their story should spark curiosity, and their artistic use of line and form should be used to the fullest extent."

Sanda's beautiful painting exemplifies these qualities.


Janet Jordan

Manhattan Arts

Upon viewing Janet Jordan’s sculpture we feel an immediate surge of joy swell within us. The artist imbues each piece with awe-inspiring beauty and they possess the power to transform us.


Artist Talk with Janet Jordan, MD

Springfield Regional Arts Council

Local emergency physician, Janet Jordan MD, has been sculpting for 13 years. She has taken her knowledge in anatomy and kinesiology to a different place, finding herself in the art world. Her presentation will discuss the process of sculpting in oil-based clay, from conception to foundry.


Doctor Finds Sculpting a Refreshing Contrast to a Stressful Career

Springfield News Leader

Janet Jordan loves her work. Since 1991, she’s been an emergency room physician, the first female in Springfield to hold that position. At the same time, she describes it as a career filled with “heartbreak and hardship.”


Emergency Medicine and Sculpting

Greene County Medicinal Society

Journal Jan. 2019

I have a love/hate relationship with Emergency Medicine. As physicians, you know we are the ugly step-children of medicine. Mine is the voice you hear in the middle of the night stating "Dr. (You), I'm sorry to call you in the middle of the night, but I am taking care of your patient... who needs to be admitted."

I'll Fly Away 1.jpg

"HerStory" 2019 Exhibition

Manhattan Arts

The “HerStory”2019 exhibition of women artists, through September 20, 2019.  For two decades I have been presenting an annual exhibition devoted to art by women on the Manhattan Arts International website.

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