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“Live every day like it could be your last… But never stop believing in tomorrow. “  These 2 frequented quotes have been combined to emphasize the contra-coup nature of our existence.  J. Jordan MD

Janet Jordan MD spent her entire adult life as a health care provider, Occupational Therapist turned Emergency Physician. Anatomy and Kinesiology were her areas of expertise, even teaching those courses at the University of Kansas. At first glance, it is a curious transition from medicine to figurative sculpting. But the beauty of art is its universal power of healing, both for the artist and the viewer. The human condition is on full display in the ER.  Dr. Jordan recognizes the fragility of life and celebrates its beauty through figurative sculpting.

Award-winning artist, she discovered this healing nature of sculpting with oil-based clay. She has always been an admirer of visual and performing arts, including poetry, dance, and music. Her appreciation led to the discovery that her thought process has always been in 3-dimensions. Thinking back to medical school, her knowledge of chemistry was enhanced by building molecules from Tinker Toys. Her knowledge of anatomy was contingent upon dissection and exploration of the human cadaver. Memorizing words out of a book was never enough. Yes, her path to becoming a figurative sculptor has been long and winding.

She grew up during the 1950s-60s in Kansas, showing an early interest in art.    At that time, the arts were viewed as recreational and indulgent thus her career was redirected into health care.  Now, shaking off that nagging feeling of indulgence, she has come to terms with art’s role in her early retirement years. Her body of work reflects the many challenges she has witnessed and experienced. Her technique is masterful in its execution, with anatomy and emotional expression at the forefront.  Her collectors have described her pieces as "strong but vulnerable".

Currently, she enjoys her days sculpting at her lake-view studio on Table Rock Lake, Branson, MO. Surrounded by nature, her 3 dogs, family, and friends, she has named her studio “Doc on the Rock”. Many of the bases for her bronze sculptures are scavenged from the lakefront, including unique driftwood and limestone.  Her travels are art/animal-centric, focused on viewing the masters and accruing experiential material for her new works.    She views her transition from medicine to art as natural and rewarding for a life well-lived.

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January 1st, 2018

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Best of Show

January 1st, 2018

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