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About the Artist

About the Artist

“Live every day like it could be your last… But never stop believing in tomorrow. “



Award winning artist, Janet Jordan MD, combines those two phrases to emphasize the contrecoup nature of life, possessing both extraordinary beauty and heartbreaking fragility.  As an Emergency Physician, her curious transition from doctor to artist reflects her innate talent and recognition of the universal healing power of art. She describes her long career in medicine as a study on the human condition, with joy and sorrow on full display. Turning to figurative sculpting to seek balance and quiet her mind it helps her synthesize and express all that she experiences.  She explains, “In discovering a love for figurative sculpting, I found a way to combine my fascination with anatomy and my desire to express cherished enlightenments accrued throughout life.” 


Jordan reveals her soulful inner world of magical beauty with her body of work completed in the lost wax bronze process.  Her initial sculpt is in oil-based clay which she finds very forgiving.  She laughs, “If you don’t like the way something looks, you can just slice it off and do it over again.  It’s not that way in the ER.”  She does find that her quiet, creative time in the studio, helps her maintain a sense of calm in her work life as a physician.   

Her series of 24” bronze “Muses” spans from whimsical carnival performers to fantasy/mythological characters. Although each piece will make you smile, the message conveyed represents a pearl of wisdom, with a hint for the viewer provided in the title. "Greyhound Bus Stop" is a lesson in mindfulness, as a retired racing greyhound tugs at her leash to slow down her human, who is racing through life too fast.  Both are on roller skates.   Her beautiful carnival jugglers have an encounter, as the male is retrieving the third juggling ball for his female partner.  “Gallantry Takes Balls".  Collectors have described her pieces as “both strong and vulnerable” while the humor in her titles is subtle. Her art nouveau style, with curves, symmetry, and frill reflects her extensive study internationally, focusing on Mucha in Prague and  Klimt and Schile in Vienna.

“Loved and Endangered Species”, her second body of work, was strengthened by her travels to South Africa, Zambia and Botswana.  Safari game drives at private reserves allowed close up encounters and animal sightings in the vast wilderness of their natural habitat.   Her elephant pieces were inspired by both their beauty and high emotional intelligence.  In watching elephant behavior, “Legacy” represents the social and ritualistic behavior as elephants mourn their dead.  “A Bull Musth Scratch His Itch” depicts a strong male elephant, scratching his neck aggressively against a tree as he searches for a mate.  When a bull is in heat, this is called “musth.”

Currently, she enjoys her days sculpting at her studio on Table Rock Lake, Branson, MO. Surrounded by beautiful table formations of limestone, she frequently scavenges the shoreline, finding beautiful rocks and driftwood, using them as bases for her bronzes.  “Doc on the Rock”, her lake view studio, is filled with dogs, flowers, guitars, and loud singer/songwriter music.  She describes figurative sculpting as a beautiful language to express what her eyes see and her heart feels.


Artist Statement


As a child, I regularly carved turtles and elephants from new bars of Ivory Soap. I spent a majority of my childhood in an imaginary world, with art consuming my playtime.  As an adult, exercising my creativity has been a gift that has proven valuable in all areas of my life. In Emergency Medicine I practice the “art of medicine”. Here my intuitive senses and genuine empathy are as valuable as my fund of knowledge. So, my path from physician to sculptor has not been as circuitous as it might seem.


Whimsical, endearing, uplifting and thought-provoking are all words I have heard when others describe my work.  I love this because I aspire to evoke common emotions regarding valuable life lessons, love for family and gratitude for the gift of life.  Divided into two main genres, the stories told cross all walks of life.  My Muses are 24-inch females (mostly), stylized and idealized but anatomically accurate and believable.  My collection of Loved and Endangered Species is a challenge and has been a natural progression in my never-ending curiosity.  My love for anatomy and kinesiology does not limit itself to one species.

Each piece originates from some otherworldly creative space, that has been nurtured in my character since childhood.  Usually, in the late night or wee hours of the morning, a creative visualization awakens me and spins through my head.  It seems to be an amalgam of life experiences and my unconcise emotional processing of them.  The subject and pose are solidified but only during the process, do I recognize the meaning I want to convey.  While sculpting, fun titles swirl around and I write them on the armature board.  In the end, the best title shows itself without question.

Modeling in oil-based clay is only the beginning.  The multiple-step process involves travel and relationships.  First to the mold maker in Madison, KS, then the foundry in Lawrence, KS, patina artist in Loveland, CO, granite shop in Nixa, MO and then back to my Table Rock studio for professional photos.  As the conductor, I recognize the end result is a product of multiple artistic souls coming together for our masterpiece.   

The online marketing…..ummmm….. is the thorn in my side.  As a doctor living at Table Rock Lake my studio defaulted to the name “Doc on the Rock.” It also serves as a makeshift gallery and workshop for locals, friends and neighbors.  At times it is a clinic, where I suture, assess, and refer to the ER for more extensive workup.  I love this life.  I have the best of both worlds.


Art is still my playtime.  It helps me reach a state of mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, and peace.   Watching animals is fun homework, especially in comparison to anatomy lab. Whether human or animal, my subject matter always tugs at my heartstrings and usually represents a universal lesson I have learned in life. 


Patiently Waiting   (My poem about art and medicine )

Since I can remember

They have always been there

Those heavy lines and creases

That map out my life

          Upon my hands


While other little plump moist fingers

Molded clay ashtrays

For their mothers

Mine were sculpting shapes

          Without bases


Defying nature…

Much older and wiser than me

They tailored Barbie dresses

As if anticipating

          Suturing faces


Scaling the keyboard

They would lure my father in

Baited by the music

He would pace until he’d win

          And my fingers would yield to his


They’ve grown accustomed

To turning pages

Highlighting phrases

Carefully selected to

          Always be remembered


And while drawing soft circles

On little bedtime backs

As eyelids get heavy

They sense the same lure of music

          Alive in one son 


And feel the same hands

With those lines and creases

Small reproductions of mine

In the other son

          Defying nature…


Hidden as a child

These grandma hands

Have patiently waited

For the rest of me

          To grow into them












Artist Statement


Art Education

2019 -2000 Studied The Great Masters through European Travel

Rome, Florence, Venice, Italy

Paris, France

Antwerp, Belgium, Studied animal sculpture of Rembrandt Bugatti

Vienna, Austria Studied the art of Klimt &Schile

Prague,Czech Republic Studied art of Mucha

2019 Studied Endangered Species

South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe private wild game reserve

2017 Beth Cavener, Sculpting Gestures in Animals, Helena, Montana

2017-2014 Alyson Stanfield Art Biz Success Course

2016- 2006 Lincoln Fox Figurative Sculpting

2016-2014 2Sculpt Stone Sculpting workshop, Sculpting alabaster and marble, Lawrence, KS

2014  Louise Peterson Sculpting the Dog, Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina

2011 Sandy Scott Sculpting the Bird in Flight, Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina

2010 Vala Ola, Sculpting the Female Figure, Scottsdale Artists’ School, Scottsdale, AZ

2008 Philippe Faraut Portrait Sculpting, Lawrence, Kansas


2020 Juried in to the Sedona Arts Festival

2019 Presentation “Sculpting Life’s Lessons” Springfield Regional Arts Council, Springfield Art Museum

2019-2015 Springfield Regional Arts Council, Juried Exhibition

2018-2017 Stone County Art Studio Tour, Juried Exhibition, Stone County, MO

2017 Southwest Missouri Museum Association, Springfield Art Museum

2017 Hollister Grape & Fall Festival, Juried Exhibition, Hollister, MO

2016 Farmer’s Park Art Show, Juried Exhibition, Springfield, MO

2015 Fundraiser for Officer Aaron Person, Springfield Police Officer shot in line of duty

2014-2016 Fresh Art Gallery, Juried Co-Op Artist Operated Art Gallery, Springfield, MO

2014 Waverly House Gifts & Gallery


2020 Panelist for selection of award recipient, Janet Jordan Special Recognition Award, Spirit of Resilience, Manhattan Arts International


2019 Featured Artist Award in the “Her Story” Exhibition

Manhattan Arts International Inc.


2019 Denisa Prochazka Special Recognition Award, Sculptor


2016 Best of Show Award, Open Juried Competition

Fresh Art Gallery, Springfield, MO

“I’ll Fly Away”


2015 Juried Show Exhibit “At Play”

Springfield Regional Arts Council

“Greyhound Bus Stop”


2014 Honorable Mention, Open Juried Competition

Fresh Art Gallery, Springfield, MO

“Leap Frog” Lost Wax Bronze


2014 Best of Show

Waverly Art Gallery    

“Surface Tension”

Art Publications

2019 Green County Medical Society Journal, “Emergency Medicine and Sculpting” by Dr. Jim Blaine

2016 Featured Artist Article by Camille Dautrich

2015 Springfield News Leader Featured Artist Article by Camille Dautrich


Manhattan Arts International

Springfield Regional Arts Council

Patron Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas

SMMA Southwest Missouri Museum Association

National Sculpture Society

Created to Thrive Mentoring Program

Prairie Sculpture League, Lawrence, KS

 Society of Animal Artists

Higher Education

1991 Board Certification Emergency Medicine

1987 Doctorate of Medicine, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas

1980-1983 Assistant Professor in Applied Anatomy/ Kinesiology, University of Kansas

1980-1983 Studied Human Biology for Pre-med requirements

1977 BFA Occupational Therapy, University of Kansas

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