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Worthless Studio Mascots

My dogs spend all day in the studio with me but when I ask them to model, they get all put-out.

Don’t get me wrong, they are great company, but sometimes I would like more investment . Dogs and art go together, particularly during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras. My 2 beautiful Weimaraners and Italian Greyhound are excellent specimens for studying the anatomy and use of muscles for movement and expression. Symmetry is particularly important in Art Deco and curves are important in Art Nouveau. I use both in my current work in progress (WIP)

Speaking of symmetry, these 2 littermates (Frodo and Sammi) constantly mirror each other, provide entertainment and comfort during this time of Covid.

So during the lockdown, things have not been all bad. Everyone is eating at home, spending more time with family, and relying on their pets for companionship. Introducing my 4th piece of "Pandemic Art" which is a work in progress.


I was going to put her in a “wife-beater” undershirt, but the bustier mirrors the curves of the dog‘s torsos and doesn’t have a bunch of wrinkles that distract you from their faces. I love symmetry but wanted to show that they are different dogs and not just bookends. For beautiful Art Nouveau modern painting, see Andrew Batcheller’s beautiful artwork. (but not until you finish reading my newsletter).

I have one little thing to brag about.

I was having problems moving the dogs inside and outside of her arms, without messing up the clay on both. So I had the brilliant idea to make little removable joints at her elbows with a coffee stirrer and small piece of wire. It is working beautifully!

Hmmmmm.... maybe I COULD have been an orthopedic surgeon.....

Thanks so much for reading this to the end.



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