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Art in the Time of Covid

Little did I know, when I sculpted "Pestilence", a physician during the Black Plague of the 1300's, this would be the first of my “Pandemic Series.” Although they knew nothing about infectious disease at the time, the costume of the plague doctor did afford some protection against the bacerium, Yersina pestis.

The long beak of the mask was filled with aromatics, herbs, juniper berries, camphor and cloves to disguise the noxious odors thought to carry the disease. No doubt the mask filtered some of the infectious microorganism. The long cloak was coated with wax, making it impermeable to fluids. Tall boots prevented flea bites and the long stick was used to poke at the patient, rather than touching them. No doubt, these early PPE's' did afford some protection.

When SARS Co-V-2 descended upon us in March, we were all challenged to confront our emotions. Adversity comes in all forms, but a worldwide pandemic is extreme. It shines a spotlight on our own fragility and begs reflection on our ability to cope.

“Sheltering in Place” So how did people respond initially to the isolation? Fear? Anger? Denial? Skepticism? The girls represent fear, vulnerability and the support that comes with close relationships.  The scarf represents the fragility felt when sheltering.   They are currently at Alpha’s studio. (my mold maker and friend) She's working hard to get the molds and waxes to me so I can re-assemble them and take them to the foundry.  Hopefully, they will travel with me to Sedona in October for my big invitational art show.  Without the scarf, Alpha has named them “The Covid Sisters.” The best way to know the inner world of an artist is to look at their work, listen to their music, watch their performance...  Because artists are feelers and empaths, one might naturally assume they are lacking when it comes to resilience.   But the tools an artist draws on every day are precisely those same qualities that build resilience.  With sensitivity comes a deeper appreciation for the beauty of life and mindfulness. 


To wear a mask or not to wear a mask?

Well, the answer to that question depends on whether the virus is airborne. The WHO screwed this up early on. Of course, it is airborne wear the mask! Doctors orders.


Please follow my website to see the next piece in my “ Pandemic Series”.

It will be called “Lockdown” and involves dogs.

Can you think of any blessings that have come your way because of this awful pandemic?

Thanks for viewing!




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