Greyhound Bus Stop

Greyhound Bus Stop

Greyhound Bus Stop

Bronze, Steel I-Beam • 19”H x 25”W x 5”D • $5,700 • Available

Greyhound Bus Stop Clay

Greyhound Bus Stop Clay


Name Greyhound Bus Stop

Material Bronze, Steel I-Beam

Size 19”H x 25”W x 5”D

Price $5,700 Shop Now

Status Available

Mindfulness is the new word for “stop and smell the roses.”  The lesson, however, is age-old.  As we race through life on auto-pilot, void of mindfulness, we are missing the rich sensory experiences that make up our present-time awareness. Tugging on the collar, her greyhound is gently nudging the skater in the direction of mindfulness; encouraging her to stop and see what she is missing.   And what better allegory for racing through life than a greyhound, a dog bred for its speed and agility.


The model for this beautiful canine was newly retired from a life of racing. She was an aging female greyhound who had found a new purpose after being adopted by her human.  She was calm and patient, while allowing an entire group of sculptors to palpate and measure her.  Sitting quietly in front of a class, she would occasionally move around the room to engage each sculptor.  Capturing the essence of her mindful wisdom was a lesson that far exceeded learning her measurements.  I believe that dogs and many animals are closer to the Source and have much to teach us.

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