Finding Her Backbone

Finding Her Backbone

Finding Her Backbone

Bronze • 12" x 14" x 10" • $3,800 • Available

Finding Her Backbone Clay

Finding Her Backbone Clay

Finding Her Backbone Clay

Finding Her Backbone Clay


Name Finding Her Backbone

Material Bronze

Size 12" x 14" x 10"

Price $3,800 Shop Now

Status Available

The journey of a woman is a delicate balance between strength and fragility.  At times these qualities pull in opposite directions, only to be countered by standing tall.  But standing tall might challenge those without conviction to feel small.


Sometimes, hiding in smallness is a welcome escape from the struggle of trying to be bigger than life, all things to all people. But hiding in smallness diminishes the natural supporting structures that keep us standing at all.


“Finding Her Backbone” depicts the difficult balance while she perches atop the first cervical vertebra, C-1 or also called the Atlas.  


As you will recall, Atlas was the Titan Greek god who carried the heavens upon his shoulders, guarded the pillars which held the earth and sky, and turned the heavens on their axis causing the stars to revolve. Fortunately, the first cervical vertebra supports only the weight of the head, which makes it much easier to stand up after finding her backbone.

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