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Change of Pace

Change of Pace

Change of Pace

Material Bronze and Brass Chain • 25”H x 28”W x 14”D • $5,500 • Available

Change of Pace Clay

Change of Pace Clay


Name Change of Pace

Material Bronze and Brass Chain

Size 25”H x 28”W x 14”D

Price $5,500 Shop Now

Status Available

Everyone’s journey through this life is a personal one, with changes and challenges requiring resilience, in order to emerge a better person.  The gift to those who are fortunate enough to grow old is time.  And with that time we face adversity and accrue many skills, all which hopefully manifest themselves in wisdom.


Retirement, my transition from an exciting, intense, emotionally demanding pace to a calm, creative, self-directed life of an artist was an anticipated challenge.  It proved to be a smooth, enlightening and long-awaited journey to a new curious place.  


“Change of Pace” represents embarking on this new and curious journey.

Creative Process

This piece emerged from contemplating the concept of retirement. All life changing experiences challenge our adaptability and resilience, but can also bring forth new and beautiful beginnings.

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