Carrion My Wayward Son

Carrion My Wayward Son

Carrion My Wayward Son

Bronze, Steel I-Beam • 25”H x 25”W x 24”D • $5200.00 • Available

Carrion My Wayward Son Inspiration

Carrion My Wayward Son Inspiration


Name Carrion My Wayward Son

Material Bronze, Steel I-Beam

Size 25”H x 25”W x 24”D

Price $5200.00 Shop Now

Status Available

Turkey vultures are plentiful in the Ozarks. Each year the babies start out awkward but grow fast, their heads turn bright red as they mature and they are taught by their elders to be our best street cleaners.   Their favorite diet is “road kill” which is known in the scientific community as “carrion”.  When they are full and happy, they soar in circles, high in the sky as if they were playing.  They sunbathe on rooftops and are beautiful animals, in an ugly sort of way.

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