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Artist Statement

I have been practicing art all of my life. As a child, I regularly carved turtles and elephants from new bars of ivory soap. As an adult, I relied on my intuitive senses as much is my scientific knowledge while practicing “the art” of Emergency Medicine. My path has been circuitous, returning to the visual arts 14 years ago. In discovering a love for figurative sculpting, I found a way to combine my fascination with anatomy and my desire to express cherished enlightenments accrued along the way. Figurative sculpting is a beautiful language to express what my eyes have seen and my heart has felt throughout life. In the end, if the joy that swells within my soul while sculpting proves to be contagious, I am happy.  

Oil-based clay is very forgiving, especially for a perfectionist whose eyes are trained in diagnostics.  Each flaw can be repaired (cured) along the way without the stress of permanence, like subtractive stone carving.  The process starts with a custom armature, made of aluminum wire and secured to a wooden base.  The inspiration for the design generally ignites in the early morning hours, awakening me with the excitement of getting started.  The process can take weeks to years, depending on the learning curve for new subject matter (such as drapery, when human anatomy requires clothing)  Without formal art education, I was privileged to self-direct my path, attending weeklong workshops as my schedule allowed.  My instructors have all been leaders in the field, with techniques to help me achieve my own style, which I call “stylized realism.”   The final piece is completed with the lost-wax bronze process at the foundry and custom patina application.


My subject matter is something that pulls at my heartstrings in a joyful, maternal or sentimental manner.  The first series of 24” bronze “Muses” spans from whimsical carnival performers to fantasy/mythological characters.  The pieces metaphorically tell a story and represent pearls of wisdom, with a hint for the viewer provided in the title.   “Greyhound Bus Stop” is a lesson in mindfulness, as a retired racing greyhound tugs at her leash to slow down her human, who is racing through life too fast.  “Change of Pace” depicts a beautiful muse ramming her way through life (with ram horns) challenged by the slow snail whom she is riding. Composition and line are carefully considered, drawing the eyes across the piece while the mind is contemplating meaning. 


My second series includes “Loved and Endangered Species” ranging from African animals to domestic pets, all connecting with the viewer through their expressive eyes.  My own dogs served as models and quickly learned to run from me when they spied the tape measure.  The emotional intelligence of elephants, the traveling nursery of giraffe mothers taking care of their young and the playful nature of animal babies all were completed with immersion into the subject matter and heartfelt representation.  I have spent many hours at zoos and nature parks, which finally culminated into a recent African safari adventure offering me more fantastic animal encounters than I could ever have imagined.  


As my body of work grows, so does my desire to share my sculptures with the world. 


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Below Are Finding Her Backbone and Fledging Feathered Friends. These Two Sculptures are Among my Favorite Creative Works and Are Up For Sale Now.

Findind Her Backbone
Fledging Feathered Friends

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Janet Jordan Sculptures Doc on the Rock